Watch World Blog Emotions: What to know about the limbic system

Emotions: What to know about the limbic system

Emotions and the limbics nervous system are complex systems.

What are they?

They help control the body and emotions, regulate behavior, and communicate with each other.

What’s in a name?

The limbics system is a family of neurons that help organize our emotions and thoughts, and to regulate the emotions and behaviors of others.

What do they do?

The human brain has a limbic-anterior cortex, a region that controls emotion, cognition, and behavior.

When we experience emotions, our prefrontal cortex, or prefrontal cortex is activated, which helps us process the emotional stimuli.

It also helps us focus on our thoughts and emotions.

But when emotions are felt, our limbic cortex sends signals to our limbics, who help us to regulate those emotions.

We also have limbic systems that help regulate the behavior of others, like the amygdala and hypothalamus, which are also part of the limbiac-anatomical system.

How do you learn about emotions?

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How can you learn more about the emotions of others?

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