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How to help you focus on your nervous system

It’s been a year since I suffered my first concussion.

But after months of being told my brain could never recover, I’m finally feeling a little bit better.

I’m also learning how to get back to work and I’ve been able to go back to my favourite sports.

Read full storyNowadays, when I wake up, I can’t stop thinking about my brain and how I’m going to be able to get it back.

So I’ve made some mental adjustments.

For instance, I am more aware of how I look and how my posture and posture can affect how I walk.

It’s a different approach for a lot of people.

I am also focusing on my own symptoms, because it’s really important for me to get better.

I can’t imagine living without my brain, which was never a part of my life, but I’ve found it’s a really important part of life.

My brain is my greatest asset, so it’s so important to have it back in my life.

I just hope I’m doing everything I can to make sure I do that.

For a lot people, the first time they get a concussion is during a physical activity.

I don’t know if I would describe myself as a physical therapist, but my job is to help people recover from a concussion.

I also have a few other hobbies, like running and skiing.

I really enjoy doing things that are challenging.