Watch World Blog “What We’ve Learned” podcast: What we learned from the Broncos’ Week 5 win over the Panthers

“What We’ve Learned” podcast: What we learned from the Broncos’ Week 5 win over the Panthers

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is getting the most out of his second season in Denver.

His passing game is thriving, and his defense has played like a top-10 unit all season.

He’s throwing more interceptions and has thrown for more yards per attempt than any quarterback in the NFL.

And he’s throwing the ball more than ever.

But the most important thing Manning has learned is how to get his team back to the Super Bowl.

In this episode of the “What Went Right” podcast, I break down how the Broncos overcame an early early-season road loss to the Panthers, and how he’s used his best players to make the most of an offense that is far more dynamic than what we saw last season.

We also discuss how the team will take advantage of the return of starting quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

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2:00: Peyton Manning, Matt Hasselsbeck and the Broncos: We’ll take a deep dive into the quarterback competition, and I discuss the struggles of the team’s defense and how they’ll adjust to a revamped front seven.

5:07: “Where Was I” podcast with PFT Commentator Matt Bowen: We discuss the most successful seasons of Peyton Manning and Matt Hassellscole and their most recent struggles.

6:02: How the Broncos will use their new starters to get the most from the passing game: Peyton and Matt were the only quarterbacks to throw for more than 3,000 yards last season, and their combined 1,838 yards through eight games are the most by any quarterbacks since 2008.

But it’s going to be difficult to replicate the production of Hasselbs team last season without Manning and Hasselbuses quarterback, Carson Wentz.

This is a quarterback-driven offense that will require more production from Hasselbach, who threw for 1,400 yards in just 10 games last season and now has a career-high of 1,907 yards.

Manning’s receivers are more efficient than they were a year ago, and Wentz has become the NFL’s top pass-catcher, per Pro Football Focus.

But there are a number of players that could be the next big step for the team.

First, we’ll look at a young quarterback with some big-play ability.

We’ll also get a look at the Broncos secondary and the potential of their pass rush.

7:00, 9:22: Peyton & Co. and the “Who Do You Think We Are?” interview with PFF Analyst Michael Silver: Peyton, Matt and I take a look back at the first season under coach Gary Kubiak, and what it’s like to watch the Broncos come together after a rocky start to the season.

10:52: “What Does the Next Step Mean?” podcast with ESPN’s Chris Mortensen: I discuss why the Broncos need to improve their pass defense.

13:50: “A Conversation with Peyton Manning” with PFA Insider &PFF Insider: Peyton chats with PFC Insider & PFF Insider about his career, his thoughts on his career and his future.

16:00 (part 2): “What Did We Learn?” podcast: I take the listeners through a deep look at what we learned about Peyton Manning during his second NFL season.

18:20: “Who Went Wrong?” with PFL Director of Football Operations, Josh McDaniels: We look at how the offensive line has been improved and how the defense has improved under new head coach Vance Joseph.

19:22 (part 3): “Where Do We Go From Here?” with NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo: We take a closer look at who will replace Manning and the rest of the Broncos in the future.

20:18: The Broncos will need a few more wins this season to return to the postseason, but if they do it with a defense that can make plays, they can be in good shape heading into the playoffs.

21:05: “The Most Exciting Football Podcast” with Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter: This is the most exciting football podcast I’ve ever done.

I’m going to go in depth with every player on the team, how they’re going to fit in a new scheme and play the best football of their careers.

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