Watch World Blog When you’re in a rush: The 10 best memes of 2017

When you’re in a rush: The 10 best memes of 2017

With the first of the new year, the internet has been buzzing about new memes.

We’ve seen some incredible and weird ones, but many have come off the rails.

Here are the 10 funniest of 2017 so far.


You’re not ready for Halloween yet?

I think that’s pretty much the only reason I’m not yet ready for the Halloween season yet.


My new favorite song of 2017: “Sister” by The National.


My all-time favorite video game is still the Resident Evil franchise: The Walking Dead.


What is the first song I need to hear?

BeyoncĂ©’s “Formation.”


My favorite emoji is the one on a man’s shirt: The emoji of the man in the picture is #HalloweenMan.


What’s the best gift I can get my friend for the first time?

An old, broken-down Ford Escape.


The coolest meme is a man wearing a black cape, holding a red bow tie: My friend just got me a shirt that says #HolidayMan.


I really want to know if you have a favorite movie poster or photo from your childhood: My mom, who has a really cool photo of me standing on the top of a building and holding a Star Wars TIE Fighter, has the best one.


I’ve never heard of the hashtag #FUCKREDDIT before.

I’m just wondering why?

The #FUUUUUCKREDDDIT hashtag is trending.


I love this new emoji: A man with a huge mustache.